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Service's Code  - Novel 01

Service's Code - Novel 01

di Emanuela Locatelli (Autore)

The goal is simple: don't die.
Survive until you gain all the points that will allow you to return to your world as a free man.
That's how IDSC uses us in your world. Convicts like us capture our own refugees for the Confederation, so we won't be discovered.

Every refugee recovered is a point for us and, eventually, instead of a dining set, the Confederation gives us back our freedom in our world.

They call us Allies because cheap manual labor doesn't sound so good.

And while I am here, capturing my people to be free again, I get the most tempting offer of my life: working with the ultimate Ally.

How could I say no?

To all this, add a crazy psycho fighting against an Ally who looks more like a pit bull on drugs, a frustrated bartender, and me: a seventeen-year-old boy with thieving tendencies. Mix everything with explosions, shootings, magic and spells, and whip it all up with scenes of ordinary madness, irony and a fair share of bad words.

The result is an American style action movie and a fantasy movie headbutting each other.
But you can also call it Service's Code, it's fine anyway.

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