Magdala. Price Journey di Andrea Romoli
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  • Titolo: Magdala. Price Journey
  • Autore: Andrea Romoli
  • Data di uscita: 2015
  • Editore: Youcanprint Self-Publishing
  • DRM: Assente
  • ISBN: 9788891195654
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{DESC} MAGDALA is a comic book, whose main character is a humanized she-cat. This book is the first of a trilogy. It is subdivided in six sequential episodes. This story begins as Magdala finds a coupon for a price journey in the drum of soap for washing machine. She is on board as she know that craft is a space ship. After the wreck of the “Spirit of Galaxy” she lands on Titan with a rescue module . Here she has a conflict with Picarda, the “Spades Queen”, a showgirl of the miners city of Oberon-Bubble. A the end she returns on the Earth failing to land near Kennedy airport: she landed in Africa for a mistake in coordinates insertion of descent module. After some other misadventure she ask for a compensation to the “POK” soap
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