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Diana Love Story (PT. 1 + PT.2)

Diana Love Story (PT. 1 + PT.2)

I began dating the second smartest girl in the community.

di Tina Scott (Autore)

It all started when a young man started dating the smartest girl in school. Even though Diana was not the girl he would, on a normal day, ask out, life has connected them; Diana was kind of mousy with long brown hair and big plastic glasses; she was also quiet with very few friends. That was how they met in school; although Diana was a smart kid, the young man was not doing bad either; he was not a dullard, one thing led to the other, and that was how they met and had their first conversation, their first conversation led to them being closer and closer, and that was the birth and genesis of their relationship. The friendship metamorphosed into a strong bond, Jon was so much in love with Diana, and everyone, including his mother, could see. The dates, the conversations are all that made Jon madly in love with Diana

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