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What place is this

What place is this

di Giuseppe Li Santi (Autore)

What place is this. A phrase we may have pronounced a long time ago and probably under the influence of curiosity. If instead it was a formula, a sort of access code to enter in mysterious places, alchemical paths and silences from which emerge words, notes, sketches for a different understanding… Where do the images and words that manifest themselves come from ? They would seem to come out of a source located somewhere, a source that flows from meditative states, from moments and places of abandonment and not attachment to matter; is like looking at the sea of the unconscious and in that state of balance becoming receptive through a different form of intuition. We are in a non-place where Universe, myself, rocks, seas, sounds, hands and so on, are a single entity and, as the various mystical traditions suggest, you can do nothing but contemplate. From here we stay in the everyday lives of this form that we call life. All that remains is to try in this very moment and looking around repeat: "What place is this"

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