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Waterless Farming

Waterless Farming

di Francis Freeman (Autore)

Wouldyou like to grow plants without water? Would you like to save time,money and effort? Would you like to obtain more tasty and nutritivevegetables, farming in an organic way? Well, "Waterless Farming" is just the right book for you! Inthis book Francis Freeman explains exactly how to grow plantsCOMPLETELY avoiding any sort of irrigation. The new techniquesdescribed by the author are easy to implement for every kind offarmer and every type of soil, ensuring – at the same time - anoutstanding effectiveness. The language adopted is easilycomprehensible and devoid of technical terms, preferring a concreteand pragmatic approach, able to make us get excellent results rightfrom the start. But not only that. In fact the techniques illustratedby Freeman also allow – as stated in the subtitle – to savetime, money and effort, because they revolutionize soil too, allowingto reduce the usual working. Thus the techniques exposed should bedefinitely discovered and exploited by the largest number of people,since the benefits deriving from their application are very many!

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