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The Vitamin B-3 Therapy - A Promising Treatment for Schizophrenia and its high relevance to the field of Alcoholism

di Bill Wilson (Autore)

Table of Contents: PART I – 1st COMMUNICATION TO A.A.'s PHYSICIANS - Introduction - The Saskatchewan Researches - The Saskatchewan findings - Dr. Hoffer's endorsement of Niacina/Nicotinamide as safe under all conditions - Two test for recognizing Schizophrenia - Categories of Schizophrenia - Case histories - SchizophreniaAnonimous - Other uses of massive vitamin B-3 - Vitamin B-3:its tonic properties - Appendix 1:Physical treatment and psychiatric approach - Appendix 11: Bibliography PART II – 2ndCOMMUNICATION TO A.A.'s PHYSICIANS CONTENTS - An account of expansion in the use of vitamin B-3 (niacin or niacinamide) during 1966-1967. - A summary of treatment results reported in the following categories: (a) Alcoholics suffering depressions, anxiety, tension, exhaustion, etc., as the result of schizo conditions, hypoglycemia, etc., (b) Schizophrenia and schizo tendencies; (c) Coronaries: recurrencies prevented; (d) Arthritis; (e) Other relevant information. - An Account of the expansion in the use of Vitamin B-3 (niacin or niacinamide) during 1966-1967. - Expansion of B-3 Therapy, 1966-67 - Promising Events In the B-3 Field — 1966-67 - Safety, Dosage and Side Effects - Alcoholism — Report of Dr. Russell Smith 507 cases. (Brighton Hospital, Detroit; Guest House, Lake Orion, Mich.) - Schizophrenia — 315 cases: Alcoholism with Schizophrenia, 70 cases: Presented by Dr. David Hawkins, Director, North Nassau Medical Health Center, Manhasset, L. I., N. Y. - Model of Schizophrenics Anonymous, and Case Histories — Reported by Father Joseph R. (Si.), Fordham. University — Members of S.A. Group - The Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic Test for Schizophrenia. - Hypoglycemia: Its Wide Incidence Among Alcoholics and Seim' ophrenics - Niacin and the Heart - Coronary Recurrencies Prevented Dr. Edwin Boyle, Research Director, Miami Heart Institute - B-3 Therapy for Arthritis: Drs. Kaufman and Hoffer - Exploratory Possibilities: B-3 in - Crime, delinquency, LSD phychosis, senility, retardation, delirium tremens, malnutrition, schizo tendencies among students - Appendix I: The HOD Test: A Review by A. Moneini El-Meligi, Ph.D., PART III – 3rd COMMUNICATION TO A.A.'s PHYSICIANS - An Introduction by three M.D. contributors - Letter from Lois - A clarifying statement of Bill's activities during his last years - Niacin and The Heart - Dr. Edwin Boyle, Research Director of Miami Heart Institute and Policy Board Member, National Coronary Drug Project - Niacin and The Alcoholic - Progress Report by Dr. Russell Smith on the original 500 patients plus 5000 more alcoholics in Detroit - Megavitamin Therapy — A Model Treatment System - A 5-year Progress Report on 4000 patients by Dr. David Hawkins, Director of The North Nassau Mental Health Center in Manhasset, N.Y., including five illustrative case histories.

Informazioni editoriali

  • Titolo The Vitamin B-3 Therapy - A Promising Treatment for Schizophrenia and its high relevance to the field of Alcoholism
  • Autore Bill Wilson
  • Data di uscita 2017
  • Editore Youcanprint
  • ISBN 9788892653092

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