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The Future of the Earth is written on the Moon

The Future of the Earth is written on the Moon

di Roberto Madrigali (Autore)

The climatic history of Earth is constituted by alternation of warm and cold periods. “The lord of the winds and currents", the Jet Stream of free atmosphere plays a decisive role in climate change. Two other essential elements of climate history are: the Arctic and Antarctic poles and vortexes that play an important role in cold air masses penetration to the South, to balance the heat difference between low and high latitudes. Which is the force that adjusts speed variations and the direction in time and space of Great General Circulation of the atmosphere? A question that has always fueled by unresolved answers and finds its truth from the star that has always fascinated and intrigued the human kind: the Moon, “the lady", from which depend the destiny of climate World. Moon decisively influences the Jet Stream through its gravitational force and is the keystone of the whole process climate.

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