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The breath of the soul

The breath of the soul

di Savior Sottile (Autore)

Dear readers, I have written this book entitled, “The Breath of the Soul” thinking of us weak men in the face of nature. This book points out and points out strange things in life that are connected to our being, even if we ourselves invent moral sciences to govern these things that are stronger than us. We are only hypocrites when we affirm and assert to be superior to situations and inclinations of our human nature. We are hypocrites when we blame our neighbor, knowing that in their place we cannot foresee our behavior. Of course with the benefit of hindsight, all of us are capable of giving answers to the themes of our life, but we underestimate a situation and we do not consider that the person facing it has a different contact than what we can assume we have in his place. I hope you treasure these maxims and wisdom of life, I hope that they enrich your cultural background, increase your sense and respect for our weaknesses and our gaps in you.

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