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Starve the cancer and win the fight!

Starve the cancer and win the fight!

Complete Guide to Medical Breakthroughs in Cancer Therapy that Will Give You Upper Hand in Your Battle With Cancer

di The Doctors' Academy (Autore)

Learn How to Turn Your Body into Cancer-Hostile Environment That Will Starve the Cancer and Kill it for Good

For many years, scientists have been trying to stop cancer by blocking nutrients from reaching tumor cells, effectively robbing tumor cells of the food required to expand and proliferate. These attempts were in vain because cancer cells are agile, and they depend on multiple contingency routes to continue their expansion.

The scientists have manipulated specific weak points in the metabolism of cancer cells, causing tumor cells to expose backup fuel supply routes on which they rely when this vulnerability is disrupted.

Are you fighting a battle with cancer? Would you like to gain the upper hand and acquire tools to turn your body into a cancer-hostile environment?

Your battle is not an easy one, dear reader. But the information is your greatest weapon. You need to inform yourself on how does cancer work, how does it "eat, breathes, and lives," and that's precisely what this book offers.

This is not some "dieting" guide that will tell you to eat this and to stop eating that without any proof. This book contains only scientifically backed claims that are proven to work!

Here is what this book can offer you:

All about the cancer – how it works, how it eats, how it grows

Everything you need to know about starving a cancer

Foods that are proven to have anti-cancer properties

In-depth explanation of synergistic cancer starvation therapy – antiangiogenesis combined with chemotherapy, gene therapy, or phototherapy

Everything about VDAs based cancer starvation therapy

And much more!

If you want to successfully fight off the cancer, this book will give you the means and knowledge to do so. It's up to you what you will use in the battle. Stay strong, and remember, you are not alone in this fight.

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