Golf Can Be An Easy Game di Joe Novak
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  • Titolo: Golf Can Be An Easy Game
  • Autore: Joe Novak
  • Data di uscita: 2017
  • Editore: Youcanprint
  • DRM: Assente
  • ISBN: 9788892648883
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{DESC} "The material in this book may, at times, appear to be repetitious, but in discussing the golf swing from the different angles and aspects, repetition could not be avoided. However, repetition has its merits, because it eventu¬ally brings one continually face to face with the same facts and fundamentals. In all fields, facts and fundamentals do not change, and this is true in the golfing world. Continued study and research have developed some new concepts—these concepts have produced clear-cut conclusions which are offered and presented herewith. In addition to these conclusions, I have designed a practical method which can and will successfully de¬velop "the art or knack of performance." Reread the text, restudy the pictures, and desired results will be produced. In closing, let me wish "that all your drives be long and true, and all your putts real short and few." JOE NOVAK TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword 1. The Three Requirements of Good Golf 2. Erroneous Theories of Golf 3. The First Half of a Golf Shot 4. The Second Part of the Golf Shot 5. The Crux of the Golf Stroke 6. The New Concept of Body Action in a Golf Shot 7. Footwork-The Key to Good Golf 8. How to Rate Yourself, or Others, at Golf 9. Explanation of Some Basic Ideas 10. When to Go Out on the Golf Course 11. Golf Clubs and the Three Departments of Play 12. Slicing and Hooking 13. Unusual Shots in Golf 14. Lefthanded Golf 15. Women's Golf 16. The Most Common Faults in Golf 17. Analysis of UCLA Golf Research 18. A Most Harmful Golf Theory 19. The Mental Side of Golf
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