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Qanon and the Definitive Awakening

Qanon and the Definitive Awakening

The Complete Book to Understand Once and for All How to Defeat the New World Order and Start a New Era of Peace and Awakening

di Simon Smith (Autore)

Are you eager to learn about the QAnon, the New World Order, Illuminati and other names depicting the biggest conspiracy theories in history but have never found definitive answers to all the questions you've always had?

And are looking for a guide that could literally cover every recent conspiracy theory, in depth and widely so you can have a broad and deep understanding of all the concepts and ideas?

If you've answered YES, keep reading…

You've Just Discovered A Complete Guide To Everything To Do With QAnon, Illuminati, New World Order And A Lot More Broken Down So You Know What Is True And What Is Hogwash!

You may have heard or read about it; all these names, ideas, forces and institutions are connected, and they influence more aspects of our society than you can imagine. They're probably at the heart of American politics, as you may have heard.

Donald Trump recently elevated the QAnon conspiracy theory, despite it's potentially damaging assertions. What was that all about?

Like most people, unfortunately, each time you start researching, you're often left with questions, and the more you dig, the more questions you get.

Your search for the ultimate answer ends here.

If you've been asking yourself questions like:

What does QAnon cabal have to do with a New Economic Order?

What is QAnon?

What is the New World Order in the first place?

Where did the illuminati come from?

Are American politicians and decision-makers part of a cult?

Is QAnon associated with Illuminati or Satanism?

If such questions sound familiar, then this 4 in 1 book is all you need to get all the answers you need.

Here's a tiny bit of what you'll learn:

What QAnon means, and the false beliefs and claims around it

The main issues around QAnon

Where QAnon came from

The existing plans to save the world

How the New World Order came to be

The main conspiracy theories surrounding QAnon

Why nothing will stop what is coming

What the "Q" war is all about

What president Trump has to do with the "Q"

All you need to know about the martial law

Important details about the QAnon Cabal

Why this is the time to wake up

Why the resistance war is on, and what to expect

The history of the illuminati

Ins and outs of the cult that hijacked the world

Why the Jews always get blamed

How new members are inducted

How the new world is controlled

The political economic order defused

The contours of the new world order

What fixing the fight involves

The spiritual beliefs of the cult

What you need to know about transhumanism

Economic control and the eradication of Christianity

1000 years of peace, and what they involve

How the earth will regenerate

The Luciferian doctrine and the Dark Agenda

The edicts and the Thirteen Bloodlines theory

The affiliated secret societies

The ex-illuminati members you need to know

The transition from demons to world rulers

…And much more!

You might be looking for answers, but this beginners' book gives you much more than that, even if you've never been interested!

All the things you've been hearing on the news, in history books and in religious texts will suddenly make sense when you taste a drop of the knowledge this 4 in 1 book offers!

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