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Overcoming Constipation Naturally

Overcoming Constipation Naturally

di Benedict Lust (Autore)

Neither time nor money has been spared by the best talents known to the Medical profession in an attempt to unravel the mystery of constipation, its causes and cure. No drug has as yet been compounded capable of permanently overcoming intestinal stasis. The problem of constipation remains a "problem" after thousands of years! Arnold Ehret in his book "Mucusless Diet Healing System" describes it: "Constipation results from a congestion of the capillary circulation brought about through excessive mucus and impurities (foreign waste matter) clogging up the blood stream and tissue system, to the extent that circulation is impeded causing inability to discharge the natural flow of fecal matter normally." In other words, loss of proper peristaltic movement of the intestines causes failure of the bowels to evacuate the un-wanted waste fecal matter normally. It would almost appear repetitive to further describe just what constipation is—or how in so many different ways it can harmfully affect the human body, but only through constant reiteration will full enlightenment bring the necessary knowledge of this most important subject. The various painful afflictions resulting from constipation have been given many "scientific names" descriptive of the actual organ or particular part of the body affected. Constipation is a blocking-up of the human "sewerage system" and makes of man a "walking cesspool!" Can you think of anything more repulsive than forced retention within the body of putrid, decaying, germ-laden "sewerage?" Would you willingly reside beside an open cesspool? Most certainly NOT!

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