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Michela Tieppo

Michela Tieppo

A.B. NICHOLS Born and raised in Albany, New York, A.B. Nichols spent most of his formative years nurturing a passion for humanistic sciences and basketball. When his dreams of a sporting career proved out of reach, Nichols went to work in the family business of sporting sponsorships and public relations. At the same time, he took to studying the psyche and human behaviour, basing his analysis first and foremost on himself and his own experiences. A sensitive and romantic individual, He is charismatic and communicative in public, whilst in private he describes himself as obsessive and authoritarian. Over the years Nichols has gradually distanced himself from the outside world. He finds it increasingly difficult to accept modern society and spends his days between the office, his home and his family, seeing friends sporadically. He admits to being something of a misanthrope, but only when it suits him. Since childhood he has been fascinated by ancient civilisations and the mysteries linked to them. He is a firm believer in the unofficial version of history as professed by renowned Azerbaijani writer Zecharia Sitchin, and Scottish journalist and writer Graham Hancock. His father is the author of poems and short stories. It is to him that he owes his love of writing and his interest in exploring the inner self. To date, A.B. Nichols has written two anthologies of poems, short stories and essays. In 2016, a traumatic sequence of events prompted Nichols to seek refuge in writing. His debut novel, The Cure, is the first book in the trilogy entitled The Peter Norch Chronicles.

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