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Mastering Diabetes

di Kelly Leary (Autore)

If you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes and are desperate for answers on how to live or deal with the problem, keep reading… You Are 1-Click Away From Learning How To Prevent And Manage Diabetes At Home In Very Simple Steps! Diabetes is one of the world's biggest killers, especially with statistics showing that having diabetes even predisposes the patients to the biggest killer of them all – the heart disease. Being diagnosed may seem like you've just been handed a death sentence; you may feel as if death is just one stroke or heart attack away. However, the truth is that you diabetes doesn't have to feel like a hangman's noose hanging over your neck all the time, ready to strike any second… You can live a fairly normal life even with diabetes; all you need to know is exactly how to deal with it. What's more; there are chances that you could actually succeed at reversing diabetes to a point of being off diabetes medication! You see, preventing or managing diabetes doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it's easier than you think. Reports published in Science Direct suggest that being able to establish a good control of your blood sugar is the best way to prevent and manage diabetes Studies published in the National Institute of Health also maintain that it is possible to manage diabetes through proper lifestyle habits, proper monitoring and exercise. This means that preventing, and managing this condition is not as complicated as most people think. Actually, with this beginners' guide, things will even prove simpler for you, as it offers to you a whole host of ideas about how diabetes is treated alongside what you need to know concerning its prevention and management. So if you have questions like… What does the right lifestyle habits entail? How can I increase my chances of recovering from diabetes? How can I live a normal life with diabetes? What is "normal" and what is not as regards to diabetes complications How are home-tests carried out? And many related ones, this book is for you so keep reading. Here is just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover: The basics of diabetes, including what it is, the different types, how it develops and more The signs and symptoms of diabetes, and the complications How diabetes is diagnosed, what causes it, the risk factors and the most recent statistics How diabetes' risk assessment is done, and risk profile established The myths about diabetes The key lifestyle hacks to control diabetes easily How you should approach supplementation for type 2 diabetes How to correct and prevent blood sugar imbalances How and when to test for diabetes at home How the treatment and management for type 1 and 2 diabetes is done, and to use it for your own treatment How to treat diabetes with diet How to exercise to boost the effects of your efforts …And so much more! Even if you feel ill-equipped to deal with diabetes and are scared of your health and life, this book will give you hope and hold you by the hand as you deal with diabetes head on! Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

Informazioni editoriali

  • Titolo Mastering Diabetes
  • Autore Kelly Leary
  • Data di uscita 2021
  • Editore Youcanprint
  • ISBN 9791220361569

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