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Shakespeare: I am Italian. He reveals himself in coded messages

Shakespeare: I am Italian. He reveals himself in coded messages

di Vito Costantini (Autore)

The year 2016 is the four hundredth anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, the greatest playwright and poet of the English language. In reality, it was an illiterate actor who died in 1616. He had pilfered not only the stage name, but also the works of two Italian immigrants, Michelangelo and Giovanni Florio, father and son, who emigrated to England because of the Inquisition. In the last four centuries the British have falsified and possibly destroyed documents that would have led to a different but real truth. But, as the saying goes, there is no perfect crime. Who would have imagined that hidden in commonly used words there are coded messages, and in phrases seemingly banal or meaningless, information directed to the few then able to decipher it? The author of this book, Professor Vito Costantini, decoding for the first time in history eight different messages, finds and reveals the true identity of Shakespeare and the ambiguous symbols and their meaning on the portrait for the First Folio.

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