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Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis for Woman and Men (2 Books in 1)

di Robinson Academy (Autore)

Have you tried burning fat or maintaining your ideal body size without success? Have you tried dieting, exercising, fasting, medical approaches or interventions and other popular methods of weight loss but none of them seem to be working for you? And are you tired of trying techniques that don't work and are looking for something else, something that will help you deal with the root causes of uncontrolled weight? If you've answered YES, keep reading…. You Are About To Discover A New Approach To Weight Loss That Will Literally Hijack The Things That Cause Weight Uncontrolled Weight Gain So That You Can Turn Your Life Around As Far As Weight Loss Is Concerned! According to research, we fail to lose weight not because of lack of effort or resolution, but because of an unaddressed or stifled subconscious -or the gut reaction- that guides good decisions and prevents acting solely on emotion. In order to lose weight, according to experts, you need to turn that subconscious' volume up to increase wisdom, and thus, better decision making, as that's what leads to better and sustained long-term habits that in turn lead to weight loss. And you know what method trains the subconscious better than anything else? Hypnosis. With it, you address all the factors that collectively lead to weight gain and stalled weight loss like cravings, mood problems, poor habits, motivation, stress and anxiety. But as a beginner to this novel method, you may wonder: What exactly is hypnosis, and how does it work? Is it easy to perform? How do I practice it alone? How does a typical monthly or weekly hypnosis or hypnotherapy plan look like? That's why I am presenting to you this detailed 2 in 1 beginners' guide to hypnosis for both men and women to get all the answers and find out the best approach to take to succeed with it. More precisely, you'll learn: What hypnosis refers to, and its history The different forms of hypnosis How we gain weight Why hypnosis is important, and how it would help you lose weight, especially belly fat How to get started with hypnosis properly How to train your mind and body to burn fat How to reclaim your power over food with hypnosis, and reconnect with your body to better manage your weight How to prepare your food, and eat to see quick results An ideal sample 12-week hypnotherapy program to help you get started on your journey How to exercise to maximize your gains Myths and misconceptions you need to be aware of How to fight anxiety and boost confidence with hypnosis What you need to know about gastric band hypnosis …And much more! Even though it may look otherwise due to its psychological nature, this method is really straightforward and easy to follow, and this book makes it so by maintaining simplicity throughout the text and tackling it from a practical perspective to ensure you can implement it as you go, without any hassle. Don't let uncontrolled weight gain make your life feel unfulfilling! Let this book walk you throughout the journey to weight loss the easy way by showing you how to hypnotize yourself to effortless weight loss! Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

Informazioni editoriali

  • Titolo Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis for Woman and Men (2 Books in 1)
  • Autore Robinson Academy
  • Data di uscita 2021
  • Editore Youcanprint
  • Pagine 286
  • ISBN 9791220358156

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