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HUNGARY AND THE VIENNA AWARDS. From Empire to People's Republic (1918-1949)

di Luca Cianca (Autore)

HUNGARY AND THE VIENNA AWARDS In this book, I have chosen to analyse the events in Hungary, over a generation, from 1918 to 1949. A period concomitant with a fundamental phase for the fate of the Hungarian nation and Europe itself. I have tried to analyse multiple aspects, which concern the evolution of events, dealing with the necessary historical-political point of view and the diplomatic and economic perspectives. The book opens in autumn 1918, a moment that marks the end of the Great War and the fall of the Empire of the Habsburg double-headed eagle. Thus, a new traumatic beginning was inaugurated for the country of the Crown of Saint Stephen, which, thanks to the Hapsburg renunciation, returns, after centuries, in possession of complete independence. Unfortunately, the latter is found in a historical moment of dramatic difficulty, in the aftermath of a long and bloody world war, which reduces the country to ruin, brings the economy to the brink of disaster, during a time in which famines and the epidemic of Spanish Flu rage among the people. A troubled period begins for Hungary, which faces severe economic and institutional crises in the space of thirty years, which will also lead it to experiment with different forms of government: democratic, communist, monarchist and fascist. With this book, you will understand part of the roots of the current diatribes that still plague Central-Eastern Europe today.

Informazioni editoriali

  • Titolo HUNGARY AND THE VIENNA AWARDS. From Empire to People's Republic (1918-1949)
  • Autore Luca Cianca
  • Data di uscita 2021
  • Editore Youcanprint
  • Pagine 118
  • ISBN 9791220362825

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