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How to Raise an Adult and Successful People (2 Books in 1). How to Raise Easy

How to Raise an Adult and Successful People (2 Books in 1). How to Raise Easy

di Albert Piaget (Autore)

You Are About To Discover The Secret Soft And Hard Strategies That Parents Of Successful, Happy And Responsible Adult Children Have Consistently Attributed To For The Results They Got From Parenting Their Children Into Adulthood! We all want to raise healthy and successful children- there's no doubt about that. But have you ever wondered…. Is there any way a parent can ensure a better and brighter future for their children? Do parents really have any contribution to how successful or healthy their children become in the long-term? What can I do to guide my children, protect them, mentor them and ensure they live their best life? If you've answered YES, keep reading…. If you're a parent, I'm sure you've had these thoughts and questions countless times. And even though we are told too many times that we don't have control over every aspect of their lives, it's often difficult to imagine not being there to guide them, even though most of us tend to be clueless about the best steps to take. But there is a sure way you can contribute positively to your child's life and ensure they have the best life; in fact, there are quite a number of them. And this 2 in 1 book has all of them neatly and concisely detailed along with everything else you need to know to create a good environment and foundation for a good physical and emotional health, as well as success for your child in anything they do. Whether you're a beginner to parenting or you've been doing it for a while, this book is tailored for you! If you have questions such as… What is it that I may be doing that puts my child's future in jeopardy that I need to stop? How do I build the right foundation to help my child have a better chance of becoming healthy, happy, responsible and successful? What secret parenting tips and tricks have parents of successful children used to bring the best in their children? How do you keep up with parenting in the modern times of social media, rights groups and regulations that dictate many of the things you can and cannot do as a parent? And many others, this book is for you so keep reading… Here's a bit of what you'll find in it: • Why the responsibility of the child solely lies on their parents • The importance of self-discipline • How your child can benefit from success • Procrastination and why it's limiting as well as what to do about it • Why and how your fears can spread and become a reality to your child • How pessimism spreads to your child and how to tame it • How to teach your child to be mindful • How to effectively let your child discover their own passions in a safe space • The role of independence in raising happy, responsible children • How to build rock-solid relationships • The role of trust in parenting and how to build trust • How to build discipline in your child • How you can be an excellent role model for your child • How to look after yourself in all this, including why this is important …And so much more! It might seem difficult to turn a child into the classic "successful" adult, especially if you've not been able to achieve much in your own life, or if you have a particularly difficult child. But many people have been able to do it, and by making the step to look for a resource to guide you, you've just proven that you have what it takes. Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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Youcanprint è la prima
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