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Home, casa (New edition)

Home, casa (New edition)

di Janette Lart (Autore)

The short novel 'Home, casa' can be placed among the fantasy novels for its animated description of the underwater world populated by living beings with human-like characteristics. Immerse yourself in the vividly portrayed underwater realm, brimming with meticulously researched details from the Mediterranean Sea's vibrant vegetation to the intriguing molluscs that inhabit its depths. Through this immersive setting, follow the captivating journey of a small fish, born and raised in an aquarium, as it embarks on a mesmerizing odyssey across the ocean floor, ultimately finding solace in a new aquarium. But this tale is more than just an enchanting adventure. It delves deep into the profound themes of family, acceptance, and the beauty of friendship. Witness the extraordinary transformation of our courageous protagonist, Celeste, as she navigates a world where new connections are formed, fortitude is tested, and ultimately, the ties that bind are rekindled. 'Home, casa' is more than a whimsical escape; it's a mesmerizing exploration of expanding friendships, celebrating diversity, and overcoming the challenges that life presents us. Within its pages, you'll discover a heartfelt nod to environmental stewardship, gender diversity, and the indomitable human spirit that resonates long after the final words are read. Prepare to be swept away by the captivating tale of Celeste, a resolute heroine who refuses to surrender, instead embarking on a remarkable mission to restore harmony for a fish friend cast adrift amidst a world gone astray. This compelling narrative radiates warmth and compassion, reminding us all of the power of resilience and the enduring bonds of friendship. 'Home, casa': an extraordinary journey awaits, where extraordinary connections are forged, and the magic of the underwater realm will take hold of your heart.

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