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In the aurora smile di Imma Pontecorvo
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Informazioni editoriali {DATI}
  • Titolo: In the aurora smile
  • Autore: Imma Pontecorvo
  • Data di uscita: 2017
  • Editore: Youcanprint
  • DRM: Assente
  • ISBN: 9788892660311
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{DESC} When Greta receives a letter from a law firm in Houston, it has no idea what to expect. To find out, can not help but leave for Texas and go to hear what he has to tell her the good lawyer David Wilson. Greta turns out to have received the gift of a ranch. But who is the mysterious benefactor? And what can you do with it of a property in Texas? Yet curiosity prevails and Greta, accompanied by the head of the estate, the charming and dark cowboy Terence, visit the ranch and discovers a magnificent country, where green hills and grasslands are the backdrop for a wild and generous nature. But Texas is also a land of contrasts, where the hot sun can stand out harsh shadows and actions can be driven by ulterior motives. Fate, however, has a great surprise for her. A couple of blacks, almond-shaped eyes meet those of randomly Greta, urging her to make a choice that will change the course of his life. Thanks to this meeting, the light of dawn, the herald of a new day, sweep away the darkness of the difficulties marking the beginning of a future filled with hope and confidence.
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