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di Alessandro Boccaletti (Autore)

When God delivered his message to an Aramaic nomad named Aram, the key to understanding the origin of mankind was revealed in ancient times.
The few elected to see God’s message grouped in the Constantine Order, which pledges in eternity to preserve the universal knowledge of the secrets.
The privileged knowledge of the mysteries, in the centuries, were passed to the Roman Emperors and to some charismatic Knights across Europe, until Leonardo da Vinci mastered the comprehensive decoding of the universal truth.
In his secret voyage financed by the Knight Order in the Middle East, he revealed the perfect geometrical codes hidden in the deep core of the Egyptian pyramids and the prohibited and forbidden Muslim controlled grounds of King Solomon Temple ruins in Jerusalem.
deCODE is a historical thriller that expands the known history of hermetism to describe the impact of a powerful ancient international military order on world history. The book tells an epic tale that crosses continents and spans thousands of years. But at its heart, it’s a story of heroic adventure and spiritual awakening that has shaped human mankind from its birth by the engineers' thousands of years ago.

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Da Alessandro Boccaletti il 22 mar 2021

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