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Nestos. My return home di Giovanni Scafaro
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Informazioni editoriali {DATI}
  • Titolo: Nestos. My return home
  • Autore: Giovanni Scafaro
  • Data di uscita: 2015
  • Editore: Youcanprint Self-Publishing
  • DRM: Assente
  • ISBN: 9788893212212
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{DESC} We came into this world as children to go back again to the universe that created us. Born to life, condemned to leave and finally to go back home. This is the Greek principle of “nestos”, the innate need for knowledge that pushes us towards our original place. The poem NESTOS - My return home deals with the personal journey which every man is called to accomplish; an arduous journey that leads to places of serenity, joy and inner peace, which teaches us to refine the way we look at things, to see the good side where others fail, seeing only shadows. The reference to the concept of nostoi – derived from the Greek epic literature - is clear but the concept of the “return” assumes a new value and a new meaning for the author. It is a return to a new version of ourselves, more aware, spiritually enriched by the experience of the journey, real or imagined. It is from this source of inspiration that Giovanni Scafaro wrote this poem, a jorney into a world of knowledge which inflicted many sufferings on him but it also gave him the chance to enjoy the pleasure of discovering new worlds made up of light, peace and well-being.
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