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Bread Baking and Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners (2 Books in 1)

di Mary Nabors (Autore)

Bread And Fried Foods Don't Have To Be Unhealthy - Here's The Secret! If you're trying to eat clean, you've probably been told to stay away from bread and fried foods. But what if you could make your own low-carb or gluten-free bread? And what if you could fry anything by using just a drop of oil? This bundle of two healthy cookbooks will help you create unique breads and master your air fryer. Here's what you'll find inside: • The basics of baking bread with yeast and sourdough • 100+ bread recipes with detailed instructions and cooking tips • A complete guide to using your air fryer like a pro • Dozens of air fryer recipes with healthy versions of your favorite foods! The recipes are so simple that you're sure to nail them on the first try even if you're a complete beginner. Just scroll up, click the "Buy Now with 1-Click" button and Get Started Now!

Informazioni editoriali

  • Titolo Bread Baking and Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners (2 Books in 1)
  • Autore Mary Nabors
  • Data di uscita 2021
  • Editore Youcanprint
  • Pagine 438
  • ISBN 9791220357364

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