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Story of a street urchin di Bruno Bisogni,Roberto Race
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  • Titolo: Story of a street urchin
  • Autore: Bruno Bisogni,Roberto Race
  • Data di uscita: 2017
  • Editore: Youcanprint
  • DRM: Assente
  • ISBN: 9788892649514
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{DESC} A true Story of a man who, fatherless and poor faces his life’s challenge, becoming a successful man, a piece of history, from the Avalanche operation with the Americans and Allies’ landing for liberating Italy, to the After War years, Italy’s reconstruction,the spirit of the After War men nowadays. Through the story of Orazio Boccia who in the After War period, in 2008 was knighted for services to industry being awarded the honorary title of Cavaliere del Lavoro, we can see pieces of the history of a time period and of the changes of a country, Italy. A charming book, to read in one breath, the reading of pages telling a real story is exciting, a leap into memory, past, present and future. A human existence in which destiny and hardships are accepted with spirit of sacrifice and hard work, courage, entrepreneurial intuition, passion and hope for the future. A still up-to-date message for the time we are living, which helps us to rediscover the future from our past. Bruno Bisogni and Roberto Race, the authors, write: “A deep, intense, story of passion, suffering and sense of responsibility, told through the eyes and voice of Orazio Boccia born in 1932. Orphan of father, when he was only 11 years old and an only son within a family with 5 children, he finds himself hanging out like a street-urchin with the Americans and the other allied military men. Shut in his town’s orphanage, called the “Enclosure”, he suffered from hunger and from the cold, together with a lot of boys of his age. The eyes of whom has nostalgia for the future and comes from a great life lesson.To go along his life again has been for us a unique experience”.
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