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Bedtime Stories for Adults

Bedtime Stories for Adults

Soothing Sleep Stories with Guided Meditation. Let Go of Stress and Relax. Thе Vampire and other stories!

di Albert Piaget (Autore)

Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep for the required number of hours or do you find yourself waking up at night and having a hard time going back to sleep and find it hard to relax, even when you are tired?

And are you looking for soothing and relaxing bedtime stories for adults that will effectively help your mind stop its incessant worrying and active thinking that makes it hard for you to fall asleep?

If you've answered YES, keep reading...

You've Just Discovered A Collection Of The Most Soothing And Relaxing, Adult Bedtime Stories That Will Get You To Sleep Without Feeling Like You Are Trying Too Hard And Getting Anxious About It!

After a long day being busy, whether at work, at home, school or even traveling, nothing feels better than relaxing and getting a good night's rest. However, due to stress and other issues that arise, falling asleep and staying asleep may seem to take forever, as we toss and turn in bed, checking the clock and getting anxious with every passing minute that we can't fall asleep!

The only way you can relax and unwind is if you can escape the ordinary and find something good that calms your anxious nerves, soothes and relaxes you as you drift off to sleep.

Nothing beats bedtime stories at that!

Yes, bedtime stories are not just for children – adults also need bedtime stories to wind down and take their minds off thoughts of the many things they wish to do or they haven't done!

By virtue that you are here, it is clear you don't need more convincing to start reading bedtime stories for adults but are possibly wondering...

What sort of stories will help you relax and wind down?

Will I not get back to worrying after reading or will the stories be so soothing that you will fall asleep while at it?

How are the stories optimized for getting you to sleep?

Does the book have a variety of stories that you can choose from and cycle through for several days or even weeks?

If you have these and other related questions, you will love this book!

Here is what to expect in this book:

A collection of captivating short stories that will calm you down and make you somewhat 'disconnect' from your worries and thoughts so you can calm down and sleep easily

The stories are written with a nice flow such that you'll find yourself lost in them

The stories allow you to shift from the real world to a fantasy world where you forget your problems and just relax

Each story is well crafted and entertaining such that when you start reading, you cannot stop something that will keep off your worries and get you to sleep effortlessly

And much more!

As much as it is hard to forget your problems, it is particularly important that you try your best to engulf yourself in these stories. They will help you reduce stress, fall asleep faster, keep off anxiety, as well to ensure you get a good night's rest!

And with the stories in this book, you are in for a treat! Even if you've never been the kind of person to use bedtime stories, these ones are sure to ensure you fall asleep fast, without trying too hard!

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