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Ariel Lilli Cohen
Ariel Lilli Cohen is a secret agent of the Mossad. Although her identity has not been disclosed, Miss Cohen has become fervent in the literary circle for her novels, through which she makes a careful examination of the Arab Israeli conflict, criticizing both sides. She was born on 6th December 1998 in Haifa (Israel) and is the third of three siblings. Her father Darius Cohen was a former Agent of Ha'Mossad and her mother Noha Avner is now a High Official on Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Agency. She was in the past a Lion Soldier of ??"? Magav, the Israeli Border Police in Jerusalem. They are a Jewish family. Ariel speaks fluently Hebrew, English, French, Arabic, Russian, Urdu and Italian. She also fighting against Islamic terrorism is her mission. Military Service Ariel becomes a soldier at the age of sixteen . After her sixteenth birthday, the Army enlists her thanks to her high IQ (she scored 164). She has been since part of a special team called "Genius", with the task to solve problems in unconventional ways. Ariel is a "former" soldier of the Israeli Security Forces Special Unit (IDF). She joined various "undercover" military actions, living many lives in one. Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv In the 2017, Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv was the author's first novel. On the back cover, she says she wrote this book to excite her fears and tell true or plausible facts and events. This is a journey to the outer fringes of the law, which started in 2014, before the war in Gaza. It’s the work of a group of friends, who became, in the space of a few months, one of Mossad’s best operative teams. The book starts from a young student who was selected by the Mossad to be part of the national security agency. Along this path, a series of events of world-wide relevance and others facts. The novel has had considerable success, climbing the online sales charts to the top positions. From the writer's official website, the novel has been translated into 11 languages. Cicada - Genesis The second novel of the writer, is set on 11/9 in New York, during the attack on the twin towers. It is the story of a Muslim man and a Jewish woman who fall in love. Their story is interrupted by the tragic attack, creating a series of events that make it the plot of the novel. Israel Jihad in Jerusalem Israel Jihad in Jerusalem, the second chapter of the narration, tells the story of a group of friends that in a few months had become one of Mossad's best operative teams. Many questions and mysteries were uncovered in the first novel. Who is responsible for the attack in Tel Aviv? Who wants to destroy the State of Israel? Will Trump and Putin seal a peace agreement for the Middle East? The Daesh is weakened to its roots, the foreign fighters are assaulting the symbols of democracy from within like a metastasis. Day-to-day life is devastated. The evil in this novel has taken the likeness of Hamza Bin Laden. Al Qaeda wants to extinguish the Occident in the most religious city in the world. The city that divides and unifies the religions and the political beliefs in the world. No democracy, not even in Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Belgium, America, and Australia, can feel safe from the murderous madness of those who take the religion hostage to create terror. Who is Hamza bin Laden and why does he crave to destroy Israel?From the ashes of Daesh, Al Qaeda rises and Israel is its target. No one is safe on his own land. The Western Wall and the Al-Aqsa mosque, could they coexist peacefully? A thriller that accompanies the reader in a journey along those who experienced these events firsthand, narrating the antecedents and the stories -never told or captured by cameras- where, at the sidelines of our consciousness, politics oftentimes shakes bloody hands in that strip of gray land; where conspiracies and allegiances are mushed with political and military analyses that are unlikely to be addressed in newspapers. Critics welcomed this latest work, entering the top five online sales charts.
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Israel Jihad In Tel Aviv
Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv
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Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv
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Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv Ebook
  • Titolo: Israel Jihad in Tel Aviv
  • Autore: Ariel Lilli Cohen
  • Data di uscita: 2017
  • Editore: Youcanprint
  • DRM: Assente
  • ISBN: 9788892698918
Ariel Lili Cohen è una agente militare di un'unità speciale delle forze di sicurezza israeliane (IDF) Ha partecipato a varie azioni con ruoli per lo più "sotto copertura". Per questo ha v...
€ 0,99

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