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Your Child and his Self-Esteem di Ravenna Wilkinson
Your Child and his Self-Esteem Valuta questo libro:
Informazioni editoriali {DATI}
  • Titolo: Your Child and his Self-Esteem
  • Autore: Ravenna Wilkinson
  • Narratore: Lela Rhodes
  • Data di uscita:
  • Durata: 39 min Categorie
  • Lingua:
  • Editore: Bore srl -
  • ISBN: 9788831664691
{DESC}"Your child and his self-esteem" is a guide for parents, written by the child welfare expert Ravenna Wilkinson. In this book, the author demystifies self-esteem and self-confidence. As a parent, you will learn what it all means. It doesn't end there, because the aim of this book is not just to tell you what it is, but also to show you how you can build it in your children. After reading this manual you will have learned how to: Observe your kids better, Understand their behavior, How to give him the right advices, Help to increase their self-esteem. Storytelling has been employed to present the problem, and lessons are communicated in simple terms for better understanding. What you will learn from this book is: what self-esteem is, the root cause of the problem, the signs and how to watch for them, how low self-esteem affects the learning capability of a child, how children cope with it— which becomes a problem in itself - and finally, learn how to set about the project of building this phenomenon in your children. This audiobook is appropriate for parents, school teachers, religious teachers who come in contact with children, and anyone who wants to groom self-confident children and teenagers. The results of listening to this audiobook would be evident in the children.
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