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Greek Mythology di History Academy
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Informazioni editoriali{DATI}
  • Titolo: Greek Mythology. Fascinating Stories and Legends of Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monsters: Traditions and Myths from Ancient Greece
  • Autore: History Academy
  • Narratore: Leonard Grey
  • Data di uscita:2020
  • Durata: 342 minuti
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Bore srl -
  • ISBN: 9788831675444
{DESC} Before science, there were myths. Today we see them as fiction, butin the past myths were a way to explain all the natural phenomena that surrounded mankind.
Every myth present in the book is supported by additional material regarding ancient Greeks’ history and culture to help our readers understand the cultural background of the time. The book alsoincludes a genealogical tree to clarify the relationships between the different characters.
“Greek Mythology” is a modern collection of ancient Greek myths gathered by History Academy to let the new generations enjoy these ancient immortal tales.Every myth is full of adventures that will amaze both experienced readers and occasional ones.This book is perfect for anyone who’s passionate about mythology and art and wishes to know more about myths like Pandora’s box or Prometheus’ theft of fire.
Greek myth has become a part of us in ways that we do not fully appreciate. In fact, heroes like Achilles, Heracles, and Perseus have helped to form the image that we have today of the hero. The basis for much of the philosophy and dramatic arts that characterize Western society today has its root in Ancient Greek culture, which was closely tied to and spurred on by Greek myth and legend. The Ancient Greeks used the tales of their gods and heroes to help understand their world and their own place in it. In Greek Mythology: “Fascinating Stories and Legends of Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monster”, you will learn about all the gods and heroes by reading the formative myths of the Greeks.
“Greek Mythology” explore the Greek gods and the Ancient Greek legends by delving into the tales told by Greek and Roman poets and historians, including Homer. They told tales about the creation of the universe, how the Titans were the first gods before the Olympians, and how the Titans and Olympians went to war with one another. Because the Ancient Greek religion was demonstrated in these tales about their gods and heroes, learning about these figures in the form of stories allows the reader to understand who the Ancient Greeks were and why they were.
The world of Ancient Greek legend was very different from our own. The people at the heart of Ancient Greek civilization - living in modern-day Greece, Italy, Turkey, and other places - these people were part of a culture so far removed from the way that we think and perceive today as to be almost unrecognizable to us. Greek Mythology: Fascinating Myths and Legends of Greek Gods, Heroes and Monsters give you the lens you need to understand, even beginning with a description of the world they lived in and a summary of their history through the major historical periods.
In “Greek Mythology”: you will learn everything there is to learn about Greek myth and legend. You will learn about the Titans and Olympians, the monsters, who the major gods and goddesses were, who some of the important heroes were, and how Ancient Greek legend has a legacy that continues among us today. Poets and dramatists like Homer, Hesiod, Euripides, Sophocles, and Aeschylus recorded Greek stories in a form that has allowed them to be read and appreciated today.
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