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MAZES AND LABYRINTHS - A general account of their history and development di W. H. Matthews
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  • Titolo: MAZES AND LABYRINTHS - A general account of their history and development
  • Autore: W. H. Matthews
  • Data di uscita: 2017
  • Editore: Youcanprint
  • DRM: Assente
  • ISBN: 9788892656505
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{DESC} A DELIGHTFUL air of romance and mystery surrounds the whole subject of Labyrinths and Mazes. The hedge-maze, which is the only type with which most of us have a first-hand acquaintance, is generally felt to be a survival of a romantic age, even though we esteem its function as nothing higher than that of a playground for children. Many a tender intrigue has been woven around its dark yew alleys. Mr. Compton Mackenzie, for example, introduces it most effectively as a lovers' rendezvous in "The Passionate Elopement," and no doubt the readers of romantic literature will recall other instances of a like nature. The story of fair Rosamond's Bower is one which will leap to the mind in this connection. This type of maze alone is worth more than a passing thought, but it is far from being the only, or even the most interesting, development of the labyrinth idea. What is the difference, it may be asked, between a maze and a labyrinth? CONTENTS PREFACE CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 2. THE EGYPTIAN LABYRINTH CHAPTER 3. THE EGYPTIAN LABYRINTH (CONTINUED) CHAPTER 4. THE CRETAN LABYRINTH CHAPTER 5. THE CRETAN LABYRINTH (CONTINUED) CHAPTER 6. THE CRETAN LABYRINTH (CONTINUED) CHAPTER 7. THE ETRUSCAN OR ITALIAN LABYRINTH CHAPTER 8. THE LABYRINTH IN ANCIENT ART CHAPTER 9. CHURCH LABYRINTHS CHAPTER 10. TURF LABYRINTHS CHAPTER 11. TURF LABYRINTHS (CONTINUED) CHAPTER 12. THE ORIGIN OF TURF MAZES CHAPTER 13. THE FLORAL LABYRINTH AND THE DWARF-SHRUB MAZE CHAPTER 14. THE TOPIARY LABYRINTH, OR HEDGE MAZE CHAPTER 15. THE TOPIARY LABYRINTH, OR HEDGE MAZE (CONTINUED) CHAPTER 16. THE TOPIARY LABYRINTH, OR HEDGE MAZE (CONTINUED) CHAPTER 17. STONE LABYRINTHS AND ROCK ENGRAVINGS CHAPTER 18. THE DANCE OR GAME OF TROY CHAPTER 19. THE BOWER OF "FAIR ROSAMOND" CHAPTER 20. MAZE ETYMOLOGY CHAPTER 21. LABYRINTH DESIGN AND SOLUTION OF MAZES CHAPTER 22. THE LABYRINTH IN LITERATURE CHAPTER 23. MISCELLANEA AND CONCLUSION APPENDIX. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF MAZES AND LABYRINTHS
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