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A Pirate Year

A Pirate Year

di Cesare Bartoccioni (Autore)

A strange passenger takes possession of a peaceful brig. Apparently, an ordinary act of piracy; actually, the prelude to a deadly threat looming over the whole of the Antilles: a diabolical plan of dominion which will put, to the wringer, the real nature, the real being, the real humanity of every man and woman on whom the dark shadow of the wicked buccaneer will lay. A journey in the places and times of the golden age of the filibusters, among brigs and galleons, islands and treasures, battles and loves, keelhauling and walking the plank; the sempiternal struggle between good and evil sublimates in an adventure with unpredictable implications, on the background of the 17th century Caribbean History.


Cesare Bartoccioni
Cesare Bartoccioni
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